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Teurai Nugent

​​Teurai Nugent
​Business Manager

Teurai creates business models for our team and leads strategic planning sessions to support our team’s success. He’s an education program coordinator, finance guy, and data analyst.

Teurai spent seven years working with college access and community organizations, coaching high school and college students through career exploration with a focus on the STEM fields, as well as mentoring students around financial literacy. He believes that developing strong skills in the STEM fields is increasingly a necessity for most young people to later have success financially within their chosen careers, citing the impact that rapid advancements in technology, electronics and robotics are having in the digital age in reshaping the infrastructure of the modern workplace.

Teurai has worked as a financial advisor at Transamerica, educating business owners, working professionals, and families about money management and coaching them on how to get ahead financially.

A native of Jamaica, Teurai is excited to be a part of our team and to continue to have a meaningful impact on the lives of young people.

Fun Facts:
The team calls Teurai “Ma-yute” literally meaning “My youth” or “my friend” in the language of Jamaican Patois. Teurai enjoys listening and dancing to dancehall music and organizing small groups of people to vacation in Jamaica. He’s a vegetarian and cooks a variety of tasty vegetarian dishes.

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