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Victor Guerrero

​Victor Guerrero
​​Film Production & Website Manager

Victor leads the direction of our team’s film production, visual effects and website management. With a multifaceted technical skill set, as well as passions for science and science education, Victor is a perfect fit for our team.

He’s done web design for years and has owned his web hosting company Redlands Graphics for 20 years.

Victor fell in love with digital graphics as a young man and continues to grow his skill set every month as the evolution of software programs such as Adobe and others continue to evolve. Years ago, after mastering the basics of Adobe Software Illustrator and Photoshop, a deep desire to continue to express his creativity prompted him to make the leap to video and visual effects as well as 3D modeling and animation.

His vast technical skill set and ability to seamlessly combine the use of the various applications have positioned him to create products and services for web, print and video marketing campaigns leading to the growth and success of several companies he’s worked with through the years.

Victor is a strong believer in online education and has been using and YouTube tutorial videos for years.

Fun Facts:
The team refers to Victor as “el chévere”, Peruvian for “Mr. Cool”. In addition to his passions for video and photography Victor loves soccer and stays awake the entire night if necessary during the World Cup to watch all the games. He follows the professional Peruvian soccer club team Alianza Lima, and owns a team shirt with autographs on it from the entire team. Victor is also a huge Star Wars fan and often films scenes from Star Wars on green screen with his daughter Liana. Liana is a recurring actress for SCiENCE ALL STARS.

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